Polar M400 GPS Smartwatch – Fitness Meets Style

Even though a lot of smartwatches have some kind of GPS capability, there is still a market for GPS Watches. Polar has been putting out GPS-equipped running watches such as the V800, but they have another new model with the M400.

The M400 is made to track and display your speed on runs, and it has a lot of other customizable features as well. It has customized weekly training targets, race time estimators, improvement tracking, as well as some kind of navigation that will lead the user back to the start.

Of course, it is really designed for those who exercise, or need to do it more often. The M400 can track steps, calories burned, and it can also do the sleep quality as well.

As for the battery life, it is good for about 24 days as watch and activity tracker, and if you keep it charged, it will track all the user’s activities 24/7. It will also last nine hours as a GPS watch.

Like the TomTom Golfer, the Polar M400 should be available next month. The price will be about $200, but it will be more with a Bluetooth heart-rate monitor. This is a lot cheaper than the aforementioned V800, costs double at $470.

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