The Kisai Vortex Watch Will Change the Way You Look at Time Forever

Although we haven’t really reached the age of the smartwatch, we are getting some pretty advanced watches that technically are not smart. I’m not talking about fitness bands, but I am talking about the DeathWatch, a watch that has an amazing feature that could easily be a simple smartwatch app.

I suppose that the Kisai Vortex could be a non-smartwatch with one terrific feature: a spiral time display under a sleek concave lens. There seems to be some kind of weird way that the user has to tell time, and I’m not entirely certain how to read it.

However, I believe that this unique chronometer has a way that the user can look at the time and in a few time zones as well. Apparently, the user can also know what date it is, and there is some interesting alarm function like animation, a light-up LED ans some audio feedback.

You should be able to get the Kisai Vortex for about $179 with some free shipping. I can’t help but wonder what is the future of watches like this when smartwatch prices will become lower and lower. Someone could probably come up with an app to replicate its unique way of telling time, and there would be no reason to by a watch for it if you can get a smartwatch that can do the same thing. Yes, this isn’t the first time I have said this, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t the last.

Red Kisal Vortex

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