ASUS ZenWatch is “Coming Soon” on Google Play

You might remember when we reported on ASUS and their ZenWatch. It would appear that Google Play has the ASUS Zenwatch on their site, but sadly, not ready to buy.

Perhaps that has changed by the time you read this article, but sadly, quantities are limited even for a smartwatch that was supposed to be released on the 9th of November.

For those who want a recap on its features, it has a 1.63 inch display with a resolution of 320 x 320. It is powered by Android Wear, and it can trigger smartphone cameras, control music playback, count footsteps, monitor the user’s heart rate, unlock a nearby phone, find a misplaced phone, and control the slides of a presentation.

asus-zenwatch Design

Google Play has a lot to say about its features as well. The first is the emphasis on elegance with a great level of craftsmanship as well as the curved watch-face. Then there is a customizable watch-face, made for pretty much any occasion.

Also handy are some ZenUI integration with applications such as Do It Later and What’s Next. The user can ask
the ZenWatch questions, like Siri or Google Talk, and it somehow becomes more intelligent over time. Just so you know, it is compatible with Android 4.3+.

Okay, so we don’t know when the ZenWatch will officially come out on Google Play, but at least we have what looks like a finalized price of $199.

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