Runtastic Orbit Fitness Band is Waterproof to 300 Feet

We just did a review of the 5 Fitness Trackers of 2014, but we clearly did not include this Runtastic Orbit Fitness Band. Yes, the Orbit has not been released yet, but Runtastic is a company famous for making fitness applications. Now it looks like Runtastic is moving into the hardware arena.

Like most fitness bands, the Orbit features a way for the you to track your calories burned, as well as tracking your steps. The Orbit can also track sleep patterns. The Orbit will vibrate when you meet your fitness goals, not to mention vibrating when you have been inactive.

There is one feature that is quite unique to the Runtastic Orbit. You see, the Orbit is waterproof up to 300 feet. If I were Runtastic, I would really emphasize that possibility, and market it toward scuba divers. I can’t help but wonder if it can track how much you have swam or dove.

As it is, the Orbit has a battery life to last seven days on a single charge. You should be able to get the Runtastic Orbit for a price of £90/$119, and it can be used with the Runtastic Me application so you can set your own fitness goals. From there, you can analyze and share your success on your laptop. Definitely one to keep an eye out for!

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