Apple iWatch Could Be Shipping 3 Million Units by December 2014

It seems like every day I hear I some new iWatch rumour, and I’m not talking about the strap. There is a report saying that Apple is planning on shipping the iWatch this December, and it could be as much as 3 million units by then.

Believe it or not, this counteracts another rumour that the Apple iWatch was going to have 5-10 million iWatch shipments by the end of the holidays. This report came from an analyst named Ming-Chi Kuo, but I don’t seem to have a report on her established credibility.

This same report from Kuo also states that the Apple is planning on using sapphire for the iWatch covers. That is, if production will allow sapphire instead of just plain glass. I’m not certain if I heard about the rumours of sapphire before, but aren’t sapphires blue?

Yes, this is another Apple rumour for the iWatch, which is also rumoured to be out in October 2014. If you want my input, I would say that it might be out by October, but it should be out by September. Why? Well, the iPhone 6 is planned to be unveiled on that date. Why not bring out the Apple iWatch at the same time?

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