Apple Watch Makes Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2014

Time Magazine has recently created a list of the Best Inventions of 2014, and one of their entries is “watches that redefine smart”. According to Time magazine, this is a watch that “wholly reimagines the computer for the wrist” while they remarked other smartwatches “shrink down the experience of using a cell phone, with clunky results.”

Time Magazine Steve Jobs

In all honesty, I’m not surprised that the Apple Watch made the list for “best of”, technological-wise. After all, it is something of a marvel, but it isn’t like Apple did it first. However, it is pretty clear that Apple has spent a lot of time in training before they enter the smartwatch game, and the touchscreen interface looks like it could easily become a standard, even for Android watches.

Perhaps one of the aspects that could easily contribute to the Apple Watch’s possible success is Apple Pay, which could change the way consumers are going to pay for products. You will note how I have to keep saying “possible success”, and I think it is odd that a device to be released in 2015 is making it to the Inventions of 2014 list.

Anyway, if Time’s website is to be believed, then the price will be $349 when it comes out in “early 2015”.

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