The Apple Watch was inspired by the iPod Nano

According to my Source, an anonymous designer who used to work for Apple states that the Apple Watch had originally began as a redesigned iPod nano. In fact, there are accessories made for the sixth-gen iPod nano to make it become a watch.


So should we really be surprised at this “turn of events”? Of course not. In spite of all the rumors, Apple really kept all designs of the Apple Watch under wraps. The Digital Crown, the dial that controls the Apple Watch, was originally developed during this covert time. The health-related sensors also came from this time.

I think the real question is whether or not Apple started making the iPod nano and suddenly realized its potential as a smartwatch, or did they deliberately design the iPod nano with a square shape to see if there was a market for it as a smartwatch? By the way, I don’t think the smartwatch market even existed when the sixth generation iPod nano came out.

Whatever the case, we will see how the Apple Watch will change the smartwatch market.

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