Yvan Arpa, a Swiss Watch Designer, Re-imagines the Apple Watch

We have mentioned before that the Apple Watch could cost about over $1,000, but a well-known Swiss watch designer yvan Arpa has created several designs that could easily be a classier look for smartwatches in general.

The purpose is to create several designs that “will allow smartwatches to co-exist alongside traditional luxury watches.” You will notice that a lot of them have a lot of gems such as diamonds in them, not to mention straps made of gold or leather.

Now, this is what I have been talking about ever since I started writing for this blog. I can’t help but wonder if there is any other smartwatch companies are attempting to try to do this.

All that you are seeing in these images is sadly just concepts. Now, if someone ever wants to make these particular watches, they could easily compete with Rolex or Omega. I believe that Apple would have to completely redesign their shape if they wanted to get this kind of blinged out look. Then again, there are companies such as Feld and Volk that have created both beautiful and valuable iPhones.

Now, here is the last thing I have to report. According to Arpa, these designs will cost about $65,000. Seriously? Dang!

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