Apple Engineers Wearing the Apple Watch out on the Street

Ever since the announcement of the Apple Watch, people have wondered about the long waiting period for its release in February 2015. Actually, the exact release date has not been officially released, but I’ve heard Valentine’s Day. That’s about six months from official announcement to release, and I think Apple believes it will be “worth the wait.”

Gold Apple Watch

In the meantime, it seems that Apple wants to taunt potential Apple Watch users by having its engineers walk around to try them in the real world. These engineers have been spotted sporting the Apple Watch to Cupertino. Then there have been multiple sightings on Twitter, on ordinary places like the bus. There is even supposed sightings of some wearing the gold Apple Watch.

I’m not going to say that Apple is trying to get their product out there just to make its followers green with envy. If these engineers are trying out the Apple Watch in the real world, it is for real reasons. After all, one of the biggest concerns of the Apple Watch is the battery life, so I would imagine that company is doing the best they can to try and get that Apple Watch to use as little juice as possible when on a user’s wrist.

Gold Apple Watch Face

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