The Omate Lutetia Could Lead the Women’s Smartwatch Market

I have said before that smartwatches should embrace the classy luxury look, and the gold Apple Watch as well as Yvan Arpa’s designs for a smartwatch show a look for smartwatches that makes them practically jewelry. But the Omate Lutetia takes style to a whole new level.

The Omate Lutetia could begin a new trend, as it is a watch that has a definite look of elegance to it. It is clearly targeted for women and looks made for the pages of fashion magazines like Vogue.

In fact, the CEO of Omate, has stated that Lutetia is not meant to compete with other smartwatches from Samsung or Apple. No, this is going after high fashion icons like Calvin Klein and especially Micheal Kors.

The Lutetia, named after an ancient name for Paris, can pair with both iOS and Android. The Lutetia is powered by MediaTek’s Aster MT2502 platform, running on Nucleus RTOS.


In case you are wondering, the Lutetia will not be its own communication device. It is designed for notifications, and will feature a pedometer, music controller, weather service, stopwatch, and other voice control features.

In case you are worried about the price, you should know that it is relatively affordable at $169. It is possible to pre-order it now, but won’t be available for shipping until around the holidays.

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