Diesel Black Gold Comes to the Samsung Gear S

We definitely covered the Samsung Gear S before, and we predicted it would be the Tech Giant’s new smartwatch.

One of its features is a 2-inch screen, which will make it easy to access the apps. The problem with having a bigger screen is that the screen takes over the smartwatch. Even its curved screen is not enough to make the user feel like he or she has a huge weight on his or her wrist.

However, the Diesel Black Gold really takes the bigness of the Gear S and highlights it by providing a frame for it. You will note that its very colorful bands and buckles bring out a new style.

Diesel Black Gold Comes to the Samsung Gear S

My Source describes this aesthetic being influenced by “The Stray Cats and Siouxsie and the Banshees”. I’m not certain if eighties bands are the comparison to make here. To me, they remind me of a sixties television show called The Prisoner. That show was a crazy spy-fi series with interesting technology like odd-looking phones. Trust me, if that show had smartwatches, they would have looked like the Diesel Black Gold style.

I’m not certain why it is called the Diesel Black Gold. There isn’t really any gold involved, not like the supposed $1,200 version of the Apple Watch. Like the rumored 18-karat gold Apple Watch, I don’t have a confirmed price on the Diesel Black Gold style.

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